Health and Safety Policy


North and South Recruitment Ltd (NSR) are committed to ensuring the safe and healthy well being for all our Employees, Contractors and Visitors who enter the workplace and ensure they comply with the Health and Safety Guidelines as set out in the Health and Safety Employment Act 1992 and any amendments.


We will actively work with our Clients to ensure all NS Recruitment Staff not only understand and follow the Health and Safety Policy of both companies but the Health and Safety in Employment Act.

Management including the Health and Safety Representative/s are committed to providing and maintaining a proficient Health and Safety Management program including the identification, assessment and control of hazards in the workplace, accurate reporting of all incidents and/or accidents and provide information, supervision, training and site inductions to all staff.


Management will follow up with any incidents and/or accidents on site, provide support and promote rehabilitation to ensure the injured Employee returns to work as early as possible and safely.

Management along with their Employees will continue to improve Health and Safety systems by reviewing the policy and procedures on an annual basis and setting objectives for the following year.

Employees will be encouraged to participate in all areas of Health and Safety as it will be part of their responsibility to comply with the companies Health and Safety Policy.

This will include:


  • Wearing and using the appropriate PPE gear and/or equipment.

  • Reporting any and all incidents and/or accidents as soon as possible to their Supervisor or NS Recruitment staff.

  • Reporting any potential hazards as soon as possible to their Supervisor or NS Recruitment staff.

All staff including the Branch Managers, Account Managers and Directors of NS Recruitment Ltd are responsible for the education, training and encouragement of all temporary and permanent employees and to ensure all staff understand and comply with our Health and Safety Policy and Procedures as well as the latest New Zealand Health and Safety regulations / laws.

Management and permanent employees will be reviewed each year to assess their positions and job performance of health and safety in the workplace.

Drugs and Alcohol Policy

People affected by alcohol and other drugs are a safety hazard to themselves and all others in the workplace. It is the intention of North and South Recruitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace free from the effects of alcohol and drugs.


North and South Recruitment has a zero tolerance policy with regard to being under the influence of drugs or alcohol whilst deemed to be at work. As an employer, it is our duty to provide a safe workplace not only for our employees but also to ensure a safe work environment for anyone who may be affected by workplace activities including the public. We are required by law to take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of our temporary employees, our client and their employees.

It is the responsibility of all employees, to identify any concerns relating to your place of work or your required job or duties immediately to your employer and take appropriate steps. Where necessary, employees should advise a supervisor or manager of any concerns for your safety regarding any drug & alcohol related issues.


Objectives of this Policy

To ensure that the temporary and permanent employees of North and South Recruitment are working in a safe working environment free of alcohol and drug use or abuse.

To increase the awareness of employees and staff of the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol both in the workplace and our communities.

To support and encourage self-reporting, where an individual identifies that their own, or another employees, use of drugs or alcohol may impair or affect their ability to perform their duties safely.

To satisfy North and South Recruitment clients’ Drug and Alcohol policy and requirements.

Process and Guidelines

North and South Recruitment may conduct drug testing within the following guidelines and circumstances:

Pre-Employment testing of applicants where required to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. A failed drug or alcohol test may result in the applicant not being considered for further employment.

Post incident testing – in the event of a mishap, near miss, accident or incident the employee will be drug and alcohol tested. Failed tests, without reasonable justification, may be regarded as a serious misconduct and appropriate disciplinary action may be taken, which may include dismissal without notice.

Random drug testing – testing on a random basis, with or without cause and with or without notice.

Post rehabilitation testing – testing an employee after treatment for any drug dependency problem.

Testing may be undertaken by a variety of drug testing techniques. These include, but are not limited to, urine based and breathalysers.

Specific actions taken will be dependent upon the situation at the time of the occurrence and issue at hand, but may include immediate removal from the workplace, a request for relevant drug testing and full investigation of the issue, with disciplinary action and potential termination of employment a possible outcome.

The decision whether an employee is able to continue their assignment in a safe manner will be by the North and South’s Directors or Health and Safety representative and in consultation with the client’s representative. Any person who is requested to undertake a drug and alcohol test is required to sign a consent form prior to the test.

In the event where a employee refuses to give consent to undergo a drug or alcohol testing to adhere to this policy will be managed in accordance with disciplinary procedures and the behaviour may be regarded as serious misconduct.

Where a fatality has occurred, the police may assume responsibility and the manager will facilitate testing of key personnel involved in the accident. All tests and processes will conform and be conducted within the guidelines set out in the following Acts and any other relevant Regulations and Codes of practice: Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, The Privacy Act 1993, Human Rights Act 1993 and New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 and The Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers’ Rights in relation to consent, collection and storage of information, ensuring the correct chain of custody/documentation and sample integrity is adhered to and maintained.

Unexpected circumstances can arise when an off-duty employee is requested to work. It is the employee’s responsibility to refuse the request and ask that the request be directed to another person if the employee feels unfit due to the influence of alcohol or other drugs.

Monitoring this Policy

All employees must read and understand this policy as part of their Health and Safety Induction or pre-employment screening.

Drug testing will be undertaken at North and South Recruitment’s cost, other than where the employee has requested a retesting as a result of a fail test. In this instance, the cost will be borne by the individual concerned unless the initial results are overturned.

Any breaches or suspected breaches of this policy must be reported and followed up by the appropriate manager